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The Culinary Cyclist

RRP $14.99

The first cookbook of its kind, The Culinary Cyclist is a gorgeous staple for any kitchen where bicycling and healthy, delicious food are priorities. This lovingly illustrated cookbook is your guide to hedonistic two-wheeled living. Recipes are all gluten free and vegetarian. Decadent basics such as a creamy sea salt chocolate cake and baked eggs in avocado halves are paired with cheerful instructions for gracefully hosting a dinner party, gifting food, bulk shopping by bicycle, and two-wheeled picnics. The cookbook is suitable for experienced cooks looking to add kitchen flair to their repertoire as well as beginners in the kitchen who want to start out their culinary lives on the right foot.

Megan And The Cyclist

RRP $18.99

Megan is a 13-year-old teenage girl, who realises that she has psychic powers that others do not have. At first, she tried to talk to her mother about them, but with disastrous consequences, so she learned to keep quiet about them. However, some people do offer to help and an animal showed a special friendship, but they were not 'alive' in the normal sense of the word. They had passed on. Megan has three such friends: Wacinhinsha, her Spirit Guide, who had been Sioux in his last life on Earth; her maternal grandfather, Gramps and a huge Siberian tiger called Grrr. Wacinhinsha is extremely knowledgeable in all things spiritual, psychic and paranormal; her grandfather is a novice 'dead person' and Grrr can only speak Tiger, as one might imagine and most of that, of course is unintelligible to humans. In this book Megan goes cycling with her best friend Jane during the school summer holidays and helps someone in trouble that they meet along the way. It leads to great benefits for the two girls.

My Safety On Road Cyclist

RRP $13.99

This book is based on practical cycling experience I have obtained over the years cycling through busy urban streets including London, United Kingdom. My cycling experience sometimes takes me to cover up to fourteen miles to and from, navigating, maneuvering and following road regulations through traffic, poorly designed road signs and layouts, roundabouts, junctions, road intersections and many more. I am writing this book to share my experience, encounters and near misses with other road users like cars, Lorries, motorcyclists and some cyclists to international cycling enthusiasts out there so as to assist safety arrival of their respective destinations. Firstly, this book highlights on main causes of cyclist's accidents and deaths. Secondly, this book would teach you more about road safety and how to ride safely on roads. Thirdly, It would help you avoid collisions, injuries, accidents and untimely deaths. Also it has the potential to teach you how to repair and maintain your bike (DIY). Ultimately, safety and accident free cycling are the book's primary goals and assures.


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