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Half A Dozen Star Jumps

RRP $29.99

A woodpecker who creates sculptures for the opera singer he adores, a sculpture that collects the thoughts of the people who touch him, ghosts of owls that portent death in the castle, a secret night-time visitor finding his own way to say goodbye, mobile phones that metamorphosize into fruit on the strike of midnight and help stitch a marriage back together and the last survivors on earth - on the moon. Metaphysical, anthropomorphological, spiritual and fantastical this collection of short stories stretch and bend the imagination, explore the nature and endurance of love across time and across space and see how frictions can create fractures.

Kameron The Kangaroo Jumps Over The Moon

RRP $13.99

Kameron isn't your average kangaroo. Born with a gigantic heart, he was also born with very small legs. And legs are what make a kangaroo, well... a kangaroo. In Kameron's village, every young kangaroo must go through three tests to be recognized as an adolescent. With the help of an old 'roo, creative problem solving, and a lot of determination, the challenges will be great for Kameron. Will Kameron find the strength in his heart and his little legs to pass the greatest test of his life: jumping over the moon? ---- 'Kameron the Kangaroo' is a transitional chapter book every child can relate to and is perfect for school and children of all reading levels. Make 'Kameron the Kangaroo' your first choice for the classroom, a road trip or your bookshelf at home.

The Daniel Plan Jumpstart Guide

RRP $5.99

The Daniel Plan Jumpstart Guide provides a birds-eye view of getting your life on track to better health in five key areas: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends being the secret to a healthy lifestyle. This quick guide provides all the key principles for readers to gain a vision for health and get started. This booklet is a 40-day guide that breaks out existing content from The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life into day-by-day action toward a healthier life and encourages readers to use The Daniel Plan and its compatible journal for more information and further success.


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