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A History Of The County Of Yorkshire East Riding

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Great Driffield, a thriving market town serving an extensive agricultural hinterland, stands at the junction of the Yorkshire Wolds and Holderness. The centre of an important Anglo-Saxon manor, in royal hands in the early middle ages, the main settlement was transformed from a large village into a boom town following the opening of a canal in 1770 that linked it to the expanding markets of Hull and the West Riding; its social, religious and political life flourished in the Victorian period particularly. This volume covers its history and that of its adjoining rural townships of Little Driffield, Elmswell and Kelleythorpe, from the Neolithic period to the beginning of the twenty-first century; it provides the first detailed account of the town's trades and industries, as well as exploring landownership, local government, and social, religious and political life. The editors are former staff of the University of Hull.

Little Red Riding Hood

RRP $15.95

But Grandmother, what a big mouth you have! Even though she's not supposed to talk to strangers on her way to Grandma's house, Little Red Riding Hood can't resist telling the Big Bad Wolf where she's going. Will the Wolf gobble her all up-and Grandma, too?

Clever Book Little Red Riding Hood

RRP $19.99

First Fairytales now exclusive in the Clever Book format! Discover Little Red Riding Hood. The fairytale titles are based on this innovative concept. Children will enjoy playing with the books, and approach these gorgeous stories in a more tactile, multisensory way. AGES: 3+ ALL CLEVER BOOK TITLES: 9781849589963 First Numbers 9781849589970 First Words 9781849589666 Goldilocks and the Three Bears 9781849589659 Little Red Riding Hood


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